2011, a Review

2011 was a wild ride.  Wild.  Somehow my name made it out to the masses and I managed to produce more work than any year previously on record.  It took me from Salt Lake to Portland and saw me take on assignments outside of my home cities.  It further marked a continuation of growth and further refinement of my style.  I learned, I laughed, and I did work.  So here we go, a quick review of some of my favorite images from 2011.

Danielle – The Lensbaby is a fascinating tool as is backlighting. Together they produced for me an image that was soft and dreamy, giving rise to some kind of story that needed to be told.

Hannah – She requested the use of fabric for her images and so I thought, why not?

Jorgen – An editorial image which has several implications for me in style and content in the future.

Pedro and Steven – The objective in any documentary image is to tell a story concisely and without words and this image does just that. Timing, location, and positioning.

Liz – Working with Odyssey Dance Theatre is always a special experience but actually being flown in by Derryl and treated like some kind of celebrity upon entering the studio was something altogether different. More than any frame of the over 600 selects, Liz’s improv speaks worlds to me.

Ashley – Few dancers from the get-go have the kind of brilliant attack and fearlessness that Ashley had. While on tour with Trey McIntyre Project in Portland, we were able to create some stunning images.

Chelsea (hair and makeup by Haylee Haning) – My first conceptual shoot. Of course it was going to be Chelsea in front of the camera.

Lindsey – More than any image, Lindsey’s signals a change in both style and tone in my images. Here is a portrait but also a dance image created as pure collaboration between dancer and photographer.