christopher-peddecord…who I am

Dancer. Photographer. Choreographer. That’s me. I trained primarily in classical ballet, having studied with at Houston Ballet Academy among other institutions. I spent most of my time in Salt Lake City performing professionally with Repertory Dance Theatre.

Portland is home now where I take darling self-portraits and pass them along on serious artist’s statements.

…what I do

Dance and photography are intrinsically at odds with each other and thus can create a unique visual relationship. Where dance explores movement over time, photography explores a very small fraction of that same time. The majority of my work focuses upon creating movement that forces the photograph to have the illusion of a before and an after, giving the still frame life and movement. In effect, I choreograph for the still frame.

That same choreography spills into the composition of the dancer as well, where I work to extract the greatest potential I can from the individuals that happen to be in front of my camera.

…who I have worked for

An impressive list of dance companies from Salt Lake City and Portland, Oregon.